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By Dandi Galvez

With each passing year, Baguio City’s annual Panagbenga or Flower Festival cements itself as one of the country’s top tourist draws, attracting both local and international visitors. Its prominence is ever more apparent with the participation of big name sponsors, celebrities, political aspirants and a fair share of local controversies. We’ve seen the broadcasts, walked the closed streets of Session Road and watched as a theatrical play unfolded right in the middle of Burnham Park’s famous lake. From the dance performances to the parade floats covered in a multitude of the region’s colors, one question remains — at what cost?

“This festival is community-led and only government-supported,” said Baguio City Mayor Peter Rey Bautista. “In short, the local government doesn’t spend a single peso. And we earn millions.”

Literally speaking, that answer may already satisfy. But that’s just half the story. In a much deeper respect, Panagbenga 2010, its 15th iteration, may be seen as a culmination of all the hard work that the people of Baguio put into making the city shine again. This, after years of political wrangling, environmental issues, natural disasters, and the occasional public health alert. This year’s successful celebration bodes well for the future of this prime tourist destination.

For anyone living under a rock for the past decade and a half, Panagbenga — which means “a season of blossoming, a time for flowering” — is a month-long celebration showcasing the culture of the Cordilleras and its flowers which bloom in February, when the temperature is cool and conditions are perfect for various festivities. The event begins at the start of the month with a dance competition among local schools and culminates in the famous street parade with floats adorned by flowers from the city.

Bautista said, “We wanted to have an identity for Baguio in particular. That’s why, 15 years ago, together with the help of the Baguio Country Club and John Hay Development Corp., it started as a gathering of a few people. It eventually became what it is today.”

Realizing that the city needed to maintain tourist visits after the November-December holiday season, Panagbenga provided the perfect bridge to lure visitors all the way up to the summer months — a season that has always been Baguio City’s main draw.

Aside from the financial windfall the local government receives, there are other things that make Panagbenga unique, one of which is the vibrancy and color of the event. Bautista said, “There’s the Dinagyang, the Ati-Atihan, the Sinulog. But you know, Sinulog is burned, Ati-Atihan is dark, etc. It’s not colorful at all! There’s the Kadayawan but that’s for the durian. How can you find appeal in something like that? We decided to call it the Flower Festival. By that alone we understood it would be a hit already because of all the beautiful colors. In fact, there are only two colorful festivals in the whole country — the Masskara and the Flower Festival.”

To date, the Panagbenga is the number one festival in the country, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT). Also, according to the DOT, Baguio City is well on its way back up the charts as the third most popular tourist destination.

Anthony de Leon, chairman of the executive committee of the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc., takes pride in how the private sector stepped up to support the Panagbenga and the efficient way the foundation was able to organize the massive event. “Tourism Undersecretary Ed Jarque announced that this is the most organized festival (he has seen) based on his observations, the manner on how the event is being managed by the different volunteers, the organizers and the city; it’s well organized,” he said.

Garnering a total of 1.5 million visitors for the entire month and thousands lining the streets during the parades, it certainly is an admirable feat of organization. Especially when Bautista disclosed another startling fact: “You’d be surprised. I ordered the police here not to bring any (of their) guns. And this is a festival with thousands lining the street.”

Preparations for the festival take up to a year, which means De Leon and company are already starting another round of assessments and planning for the 16th Panagbenga celebration. He said, “The great thing about the festival is that the mayor is practicing proper governance. That’s why he trusted the private sector to do this. The private sector has been empowered to organize this and get the best out of the group for them to innovate and come up with new and fresh ideas. We keep on amazing people every year.”

For the main event, the float parade, a total of 29 competing floats participated. Bautista said, “Foreigners say it is like the Pasadena Rose Parade of long ago. It’s still good, but robotic — very fake. Here, it’s 90 percent float, 10 percent truck.” The floats paraded along Session Road and were displayed overnight in various spots in the city.

Many companies spend from half-a-million to a million pesos for their floats. Considering that the first prize is only P50,000, the participation is more likely for promotion and the prestige of being in the Panagbenga.

The organizers take great pains in preventing politicians from campaigning or upstaging the event. Past incidents have left too much of a sour note among festival goers. “When politics come in, it will ruin it,” De Leon said.

Other events include a stage play right in the middle of Burnham Lake. Last year it was the Phantom of the Opera. This year, on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, it was Camelot.

Bautista can’t stress enough the importance of Panagbenga to the local economy. “The Panagbenga contributes about P1 billion to the local economy. Bus companies had 900 trips here last year and local businesses are profiting. Buses come and go filled with visitors every five minutes,” he said.

Is Baguio City truly back on track? Some people nostalgic for the place of old may disagree. Bautista, never scared of presenting what he envisions for the city’s future, said otherwise: “There’s always a price with development. Baguio’s been hit with hard times. Every time you’re hit, you think of ways to get back. For me, (tourist) traffic is a good problem. It’s good for employment and business. So, why destroy that? Why go back to the past? It’s not just Baguio, it’s happening in all mega cities.”

“The nice thing about Baguio is that there are still many places that remain green. What we’ll have to do now is protect what is left. But trying to go back to the past? It’s impossible. I also would not want to go back. As a mayor, as a father to the city, I have to make a gamble — whether it would be development and the economy or preservation. And preservation didn’t work. People were turned off, real estate went down, and businesses fell to the bottom. Tourism was very low. Airlines pulled out. Now, we’re going back slowly. I have doubled the income. The previous administration pulled in only P600 million. Now, it’s P1.3 billion,” he added.

There certainly is a sincere effort to uplift the city from all the issues that have plagued it in the past. Whatever are the people’s views on the matter, things are certainly looking up for the City of Pines and Panagbenga is just one of the events that keep Baguio in the national eye. “The Flower Festival never ceases to amaze. Whatever we do next year, it will be something new, something different. What’s important is the bigger participation of the community,” De Leon said.

Visit Zamboanga Peninsula

Known as the City of Flowers, Zamboanga City is the gateway to Western Mindanao and a mix of Chavacano, Tausug, Yakan, Badjao, Sama and Subanen culture. Its trademark vintas with their trademark colorful sails ply the Basilan Strait, especially during festival occasions. Zamboanga’s Chavacano dialect is unique mixture of pidgin Spanish and various Visayan tounges. As such, various landmarks recall Zamboanga’s Hispanic past.

Fort Pilar (built 1635) is a weathered old fort that enshrines the city’s patron sait, Nuestra Senora del Pilar. There’s also has a brach of the National Museum within the fort itself. Rio Hondo and Taluksangay are ethnic villages on stilts. Pasonanca Park has a treehouse, while Climaco Freedom Park is the site of the famous slain mayor’s grave. The terrace of Lantaka Hotel has a centuries-old lantaka or Spanish cannon (another city landmark), with sun-bronzed Badjao hawkers selling seashells below.

Other must are the Yakan Weaving Village, the pink sand beach and Samal graveyard of Sta. Cruz Island, and the seaside Justice R.T. Lim Boulevard, with its beautiful sunsets and nearby beach resorts.

Known as the Orhid City the capital of Dipolog in Zamboanga Del Norte boasts of Linabo Peak (which is reached by 3,003 steps), Pamansalan Oisca Forest Park and Waterfalls and grey-sand Sicayab Beach. Dapitan City was where national hero Jose Rizal was exiled; the Rizal Shrine features his restored house. In front of St. James Church is a giant relief map of Minadanao in grass which the hero himself designed. Offshore from world-class Dakak Beach is coralline Aliguay Island.

Pagadian City is the capital of Zamboanga Del Sur, which abounds with lakes, caves and waterfalls. Points of interest include the Dao-dao Island, Tukuran Beach, Lake Dasay in San Miguel; Pulacan Falls, and the lovely highland Lake Wood. Lupayan is the home of the Subanen community.

Zamboanga Sibugay is the country’s newest province (established in 2001), with Ipil as its capital. Attractions include mangrove-covered Olutanga Island, white sand Eleven Islands at Bolong; and mountain forest reserves stretching from Kabalasan to Ipil. Baluran Falls in Imelda features a wide basin. At Titay are the Moalboal Caves with their strange formations. The Kolibugan, a Muslim minority, are found along the shores of Sibugay Bay.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Experience Macau at SM Mall of Asia

Asia’s newest and exciting leisure travel destination — Macau — will once again thrill the public as it unfolds its colorful showcase of offerings at the Atrium of the Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia for three days starting today, courtesy of the Macau Government Tourist Office-Philippines.

The modern and contemporary booth portrays Macau’s tagline — Experience Macau, A World of Difference, the Difference is Macau — with a splash of colors bannering the myriad pleasures Macau has to offer, catering to any and all of the tourist’s five senses — sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Available to booth visitors, free of charge, at designated times during the three-day promotion are renditions by the Kim Hwa Chinese Music Ensemble, street performances, a mime artist and stilt walker, on-the-spot caricature sketching, Portuguese egg tart tasting, and a glimpse of Macanese opera.

Now the favorite destination for weekend holidaymakers, “Fun Macau” has something for everybody, a kaleidoscope of products that easily attract family travelers, signature brand shoppers, bargain hunters, sports enthusiasts, foodies, religious pilgrims, those into history and culture, and the inveterate leisure travelers.

More information on these offerings and affordable tour packages may be obtained from the Macau staff at the booth and from participating travel agents and airline


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shangri-La's Mactan

In celebration of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa’s recent recognition from Travel + Leisure 500 and the World Travel Awards, the resort is offering a limited celebratory treat for local residents.

With rates beginning at P6,500++, guests will enjoy an overnight stay in one of the resort’s luxurious rooms with buffet breakfast for two adults, daily P1,000 food and beverage credit, complimentary two hours’ play at the Adventure Zone for children, unlimited use of non-motorized water sports facilities, daily roundtrip city transfers, access to the Health Club’s facilities, broadband Internet access, local calls, and scheduled complimentary activities.

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa is the only resort in Cebu to be included in Travel + Leisure 500, the publication’s list of best hotels in the world as determined by a survey of the magazine’s readers.

Fourteen properties of the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts group made it to the list this year. Shangri-La was awarded the number one spot in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The Travel + Leisure 500 results were based on the World’s Best Awards survey, in which Travel + Leisure subscribers evaluated hotels on five characteristics: rooms and facilities, location, service, restaurants and food, and value. The publication calculated the average rating of each characteristic and tabulated each property’s overall score.

Meanwhile, the World Travel Awards hailed Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa as Asia’s Leading Beach Resort.

Established in 1993, the World Travel Awards is the most comprehensive, biggest and most prestigious awards program in the travel industry worldwide.

Every year, travel agents and industry professionals take part in a worldwide voting process. Nominations are judged according to consistent overall performance and success, understanding visitor needs and expectations for a supreme customer experience, high level of customer satisfaction, and fostering innovation and creativity.

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa’s celebratory treat for local residents is valid until Jan. 31 only. Proof of residency is required for expatriates upon check-in.

For reservations or more information, call Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa at (6332) 231-0288 and toll free on 1800 8388 8388 or e-mail at

Meanwhile, this Valentine’s season, guests will embrace a timeless world of luxury and personal space at CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa.

With the “Just For Two” package, couples will enjoy togetherness in their own private CHI Spa Villa and receive the utmost in personal care and attention.

The pampering begins with long, soothing strokes of the Mystical Flowing River Massage. Created to ease the symptoms of a modern, hectic life, the massage uses techniques to balance left and right brain activity, creating a deep, inner calm. The oil stimulates sluggish lymph systems to help restore stamina and improve overall health.

The massage is followed by a classic facial designed to remove impurities, assist with hydration while leaving the skin looking and feeling soft and radiant. The total treatment time is two hours and 30 minutes.

The Just for Two package is priced at P12,100++ per couple and is available during the whole month of February. It is applicable for online bookings only, with reservations guaranteed by credit card. Book now and enjoy a complimentary couple’s bath ritual prior to the treatment (additional 20 minutes).

For more information on Just for Two, visit or call Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa at (6332) 231-0288.


Boracay Regency surges to over 600 rooms, suites

The Boracay Regency Group has further firmed up its distinction as the biggest luxury hotel group in the country’s most famous island destination.

This developed as the group, owner of the 285-room Boracay Regency Beach Resort, acquired the nearby 201-room Seraph Hotel even while completing the construction of the 120-room Regency Lagoon Resort as part of its planned expansion for 2009, thus bringing total capacity to over 600 rooms and suites.

However, the group’s acquisition of the Seraph Hotel has pushed the scheduled opening of the Regency Lagoon Resort from this December to April next year.

“The postponement will enable us to put everything in order since we suddenly have two new large facilities to attend to at the same time,” said Boracay Regency chairman and president Henry Chusuey.

“Seraph Hotel will then be renamed Boracay Garden Hotel, while the other with a 1,200-square-meter pool will be named Regency Lagoon Resort as planned,” Chusuey added.

Another 150 employees will be hired for Boracay Garden Hotel and 250 for the Regency Lagoon Resort in addition to Boracay Regency Resort’s current workforce of 550. This will bring the number of personnel to nearly a thousand.

“This (number of personnel) makes Boracay Regency certainly the biggest employer on the island,” Chusuey said.

“Our huge workforce is an assurance that guests receive the highest possible quality of service,” said Boracay Regency resort manager Dindo Miguel Martin Salazar.

“In the housekeeping department, for example, we always have a standby crew to immediately attend to urgent and unexpected requests of guests to make up their rooms,” Salazar said.

Nevertheless, Boracay Regency’s unusually large manpower contingent is very visible all over the place, from the airport to the land and sea transfers and in and around the hotel complex itself, all eager to assist guests.

The hotel has its own speedboats to ferry guests comfortably from Caticlan in just 10 minutes and vans to bring them from the island’s docking area to the biggest air-conditioned lobby on the island, from where they are then ushered into their respective elegant and luxurious rooms and suites.

The hotel has four types of guest rooms — superior, deluxe, premier and family. But there are two types of premier rooms — one with direct access to the pool and another without.

The hotel also has four types of suites — junior, executive, honeymoon and royal/presidential. Junior suites are also further classified into those with access to the pool and those without. There are actually three massive, crystalline swimming pools, one each for the north and main wings at the beachfront and another at the garden wing.

Located at the middle of the island’s four-kilometer white sand beach, Boracay Regency has the longest frontage of 125 meters that visibly dominates the landscape and makes practically everything accessible in just a short walk away.

Boracay Regency also has a grand ballroom, function rooms, fitness facilities, VIP lounge, business center, convenience store, and eight bars and restaurants that include a sunken garden pool bar.

The hotel’s Kai Regency Spa has separate Asian-inspired rooms for various health and wellness treatments, including Thai massage.

The hotel provides services such as airport transfer, laundry, island-activity booking, foreign exchange, uninterrupted water and power supply, and 24-hour security, among others

The hotel is surrounded by many aqua sports shops, shopping areas, entertainment establishments, and many other facilities that include even a golf course, helipads for chopper tours, a hospital, wet market, Internet cafés, and business offices, making it a truly complete destination for tourists from all over the world.

Such prime location, elegant amenities and excellent service have earned for Boracay Regency the first “triple A” rating among the hotels at the beachfront of the island during its first year in 1998 when it started out with only 43 luxury rooms. “Triple A” is the highest rating given by the Department of Tourism to deserving hotels in the resort category.

No wonder there are chartered flights to Kalibo from the cities of Incheon in Korea, Taipei in Taiwan, and Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, all bringing in volumes of tourists to Boracay Regency.

The longest staying foreign guests are Russians, Australians, Canadians and British, but many guests also come from companies in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

“They take advantage of the hotel’s many facilities that cater to corporate events like marketing conventions, industry meetings and conferences, product workshops and seminars, and team-building activities, among many others,” said banquet and events manager Michelle Joven Molano.

“Our modern three-story convention center is the biggest on the island and can accommodate 1,000 guests. It also has six meeting rooms for various functions, all equipped with the latest audio-visual amenities, Wi-Fi high-speed Internet services, and even sound-proof facilities for breakout sessions,” Molano added.

For reservations or inquiries, call Boracay Regency’s Manila office at (632) 523-1234, e-mail at or visit

Source: Philstar

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lancaster Hotel Manila: Your leisure & business destination

By Dandi Galvez

Nowadays, it takes a certain amount of effort to find a good hotel. Mainly because of the vast array of places to choose from, it’s getting harder for people to find the right destination for their leisure and business needs. What would make searching less complicated is a hotel that distinguishes itself by providing both the comforts of home and the convenience of doing business whenever guests feel like it. That easy choice is Lancaster Hotel Manila.

Located along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City, a short five- to 10-minute walk from the city’s best shopping and business destinations, Lancaster is a 42-story hotel that caters to both business and leisure travelers who desire value for money while enjoying an atmosphere conducive to rest and stimulation. What’s more, the hotel takes pride in having one of the most stunning top-floor views of any building in the area: an almost uninterrupted 360-degree view of the metropolis revealing at least three Metro Manila cities as well as nearby business districts, world-class shopping malls, state-of-the-art medical facilities, schools and major transport hubs.

Bong Morales, general manager of Lancaster Hotel Manila, says, “Our hotel serves a wide range of guests — corporate, business and leisure travelers, families, foreign honeymooners, long-staying clients and medical tourists, to name a few.”

Lancaster has a number of enticing features to its rooms as well as dining and entertainment options that will surely satisfy any client. It’s no wonder then that the hotel has become a favorite “go-to” place for weekend vacationers and businesspeople who just want to unwind after a whirlwind day at the office.

But what really sets Lancaster apart is the quality of service of its staff. Bong characterizes it as a type of inherent sincerity from the personnel. Like a small gesture as to acknowledge a guest’s presence when they meet in the hallway, to rushing out and finding a cab so that people don’t have to stand outside waiting for a ride. As he puts it, it’s just the Lancaster way of building a relationship with the guests.

It is this customer-centric attitude, which is credited for the near-phenomenal success and growth of the hotel since it was launched in December 2007. Customer service may be the key, but the facilities and amenities are no pushovers, whatsoever.

There is a swimming pool at the roofdeck; nearby is the Toyz Executive Lounge, the first and only licensed F1 racing-themed sports bar café in Asia which also provides awe-inspiring views of the city below; five different function rooms that can accommodate 15 to 250 guests, offering a great venue for any event or conference; and Amandes Café and Pattiserie at the hotel’s elegantly designed lobby, providing a wide array of pastries, sweets, simple meals and signature recipés. Directly above the café at the mezzanine area is Bykes@Lancaster, a ballroom dance area that is home to some of the best dance bands and experienced dance instructors in the country. As an added bonus, every checked-in guest can avail himself or herself of a free dance lesson from the instructors during their stay at Lancaster.

Of course, in-between all of those stellar outlets are over 135 well-appointed guest rooms. The decidedly modern design lends a contemporary Asian atmosphere that is common among most business-oriented hotels. It’s just very fortunate that guests can also have a genuine home experience at hand with the wide space provided, a mini-kitchen dining area available in every room type for preparing home-cooked meals, and the usual trappings of a well-rounded stay. “Our rooms average from 27 to 120 square meters, just bigger than other hotels,” says Bong.

There are five room types: studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites and two different penthouse suites. Guests may also choose a loft-type bedroom suite that is perfect for small families or incidental get-togethers. Complementing the kitchen facilities, each room has air-conditioning, in-room safe, electronic door lock system, mini bar, cable TV, IDD and NDD phones and broadband Internet with an option for Wi-Fi service upon request. Bong says, “The rooms are designed to be cozy and comfortable — Zen style — so that guests can feel at home.”

Even when touting the many features of the hotel, Bong inevitably boils it down to one successful aspect: the service. He relates: “Our facilities are great, but our market thrust is always the service. I want guests to come back because of their memorable encounter with our staff. We get great feedback from returning guests.”

Aiming to be the embodiment of service that goes the extra mile, Lancaster Hotel Manila presents a fitting option for anyone looking for comfortable accommodations at an affordable price. Its strategic location, quality of its living spaces and outstanding service make it a cut above the rest.

* * *

Lancaster Hotel Manila is located at 622 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. For more information, call (+632) 532-1818, fax at (+632) 532-1838, e-mail at or log on to

Source: Philstar

Places to stay in Makati Manila

15 J. Escriva Drive Ortigas Center; Pasig City
Tel (02)6871111 Fax (02)9100370
serviced residence rooms/suites, spa, salon, pool, gym, café

15/f Taft Centrale Exchange mall,
Sen. Gil Puyat cor; Taft Ave., Pasay
Tel (02)8340370 Fax (02)8340380
atrium-type interior, guestrooms/suites, function hall/rooms, cafe, bar/lounge

5007 Padre Burgos St., Bel-Air, Makati City
Tel (02)8972370 (02)7508693
Fax (02)8972666
Studio and bedroom suites, coffee shop, pool

7870 Makati cor. Kalayan Ave.,Makati City
Tel (02)8991111
Fax (02)8991415
Standard/deluxe rooms, café, roof deck bar and grill, conference room, business center, Jacuzzi and spa, pool, gym and helipad

25 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center; Pasig City
Tel (02)6352222
Fax (02)6831111
Fullt-equipped suites, recreation/entertainment lounge, health club, pool, internet access, activity place for kids, salon and spa.

Ayala Center; Makati City
Tel (02)8673333
Fax (02)8673888
Toll Free 190018883731
(within Philippines)
deluxe rooms, suites, bar/lounge, coffee shop, restaurant, business center, function/banquet rooms, grand ballrooms, pool and fitness center, within business/shopping area.

I Garden Way, Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City
Tel (02)6338888 (02)6369083
Fax (02)6311067
deluxe rooms, suites, restaurant, café, lobby lounge, bar, business center, function/banquet rooms, grand ballroom, pool and fitness center, within business/shopping area.

2168 Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)7596270 to 81 (02)8941193
Fax (02)7596282
standard guest rooms, fine dining, business center and foreign currency exchange.

778 Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City
Tel (02)5323021 23
Fax (02)5323026
aircon rooms, suites, restaurant, café, business center, and function/seminar room.

Ayala Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)8159711
Fax (02)8171330
deluxe rooms, suites, restaurant, lobby lounge, business center, function/banquet rooms, grand ballroom, pool and fitness area.

2702 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Tel (02)8331234
Fax (02)8335913
deluxe rooms, suites, exclusive club floor, business center, function/banquet rooms, fitness suite, pool, shopping arcade, café, restaurants, bar and lounge.

Ayala Avenue.cor: Makati Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)8138888 Fax (02)8135499
deluxe rooms, suites, restaurant, café, lobby lounge, bar, business center, function/banquet rooms, grand ballroom, pool, fitness center, within business/shoppimg area.

Cor. Paseo de Roxas & Makati Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)7508888 Fax (02)8172472
deluxe/executive rooms, suites, club floor, restaurant and bar, banquets, Cathay Pacific check-in facility, business center, gym, pool and lobby shop in business district.

ADB Avenue, Pasig City
Tel (02)6337111 Fax (02)6332824
deluxe suites, restaurant, café, lobby lounge, bar, business center, function/banquet rooms, pool, fitness center, shopping arcade and within business/shopping area.

Esperanza St. cor: Makati Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)8116888 (02)8116777
deluxe/executive rooms, suites, restaurants, bars, disco, business center, fitness center, pool, shops, in business/shopping district.

104 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel (02)8880505 Fax (02)8127722
serviced residences, restaurant, meeting/function rooms, pool, fitness center.

North Bridgeway, Northgate Cyberzone
Filinvest Corporate City. Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel (02)7718181 Fax (02)7718282
guestrooms/suites, business center, banquet facilities, café restaurant, music lounge, bar, game room, spa, pool, beauty salon.

37 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
Tel (02)6387878 Fax (02)6387877
Serviced residence, guestrooms and meeting/function rooms adjacent to shopping area.

Ayala cor. Makati Ave., Makati City
Tel (02)81034566 Fax (02)8154825
deluxe/executive rooms, suites, specialty restaurants, lobby lounge, bar, business center, spa, grand ballrooms, conference/function facilities, shops and resort offices.

Roxas Blvd. cor: EDSA, Pasay City
Tel (02)8548888 Fax (02)8548833
deluxe/executive rooms, suites, restaurants, bars, lobby lounge, casino, banquet facilities, seminar/function/conference rooms, pool and fitness center.

Pioneer cor: Madison Sts., Mandaluyong City
Tel (02)6339258 Fax (02)6320845
deluxe rooms, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, pool, business center and function rooms.

San Miguel Ave. cor: LOURDES Sts., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel (02)6387777 Fax (02)6388567
deluxe/executive rooms, café, conference/banquet facilities and function rooms.

3001 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Tel (02)5237011 Fax (02)5223985
Toll Free 180018887666
business hotel with deluxe rooms, suites, coffee shop, restaurants, pool, health club, Jacuzzi, sauna, business center, grand ballroom and function rooms.

Places to stay in Manila

1118 Roxas BOULEVARD cor. UN Avenue,
Malate, Manila
Tel (02)5261555 . Fax (02)5211285
deluxe rooms/suite, coffee shop, pool lounge, bar, restaurants, gym, function facilities,
Business center

599 P. Ocampo St, Malate, Manila
Tel (02)5288888 . Fax (02)5281811
deluxe/executive rooms, suite, 24-hour coffee shop, delicatessen, pool, poolside bar, pub and deli, lobby lounge, piano bar, restaurant, health club and business center

1990 Roxas Blvd., Manila
Tel (02)5268588
Fax (02)5242526 . (02)5260111
deluxe rooms, bar and lounge, coffee shop restaurant, business center, function/banquet rooms, pool and fitness center, with view of Manila Bay

United Nation Ave., Ermita, Manila
Tel (02)5261212 Fax (02)5262552
deluxe rooms, restaurant, bar, café, business center, function/banquet rooms, pool and facilities fitness center, adjacent to Rizal Park

Roxas Blvd. cor: Dr: J Quintos St.,
Ermita, Manila
Tel (02)5262211 . Fax (02)5262255
deluxe/executive rooms, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, business center, function/banquet rooms, pool and fitness center

One Rizal Park, Manila
Tel (02)5270011 . Fax (02)5270022
Toll Free 18009MNLHTL
Historic hotel with suite, deluxe rooms, restaurants, coffee shop, pavilion, function halls/ rooms, pool, fitness center, adjacent to golf park/Rizal Park, beside Manila Bay
Pedro Gil cor.Adriatico Sts.,Ermita,Manila
Tel (02)5267001 . Fax (02)5222629
deluxe/executive rooms, suite, café and restaurants, bar, business center, grand ballroom function/banquet/conference rooms, pool, and Fitness center and adjacent shopping mall

620 Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila
Tel (02)5339870 . Fax (02)5239829
Standard rooms/suite, function facilities, restaurant and bar

524 Pedro Gil cor:Adriatico Sts
Malate, Manila
Tel (02)5213502 to 10
Fax (02)5258013
Toll Free 180018880288
standard rooms/suites, banquet/conference facilities, business center, restaurant and bar

1005 Ma.Orosa cor.T.M. Kalaw Sts.,
Ermita, Manila
Tel (02)5265001 or 2776
Fax (02)5262717
boutique business hotel, aircon rooms, restaurant and conference/function facilities

Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Sts., Malate, Manila
Tel (02)5360788 . Fax (02)5266503
deluxe business hotel rooms and suite, executive floors with butler service, restaurant bar, fitness center, and seminar/function rooms within Manila Bay area

Gen. Luna St. cor. Taft & UN Ave.
Ermita, Manila
Tel (02)5230580 . (02)4000088
Fax (02)4000077
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boracay Regency: 285 rooms and counting

Starting with only 40 rooms in 1998, Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center now has 285 rooms in three clusters – the main and north wings on the beachfront, and the garden wing nestled in a nature-inspired setting.

In the main and north wings are three types of rooms and five types of suites, all with standard amenities like airconditioning, cable TV, pillow top mattresses, 300-thread count duvet, high speed Internet access, mini bar with refrigerator, and many more.

The honeymoon suite features a floor-to-ceiling mirror, a whirlpool tub and grand balcony, while the royal suite offers two exquisitely furnished rooms adjoined by a receiving area. The presidential suite at the center of the resort showcases all the other suites’ amenities at their grandest.

And as if the 285 rooms are not enough, the resort complex is putting up another 120 rooms with a 1,200-sqm swimming pool to constitute the Regency Lagoon Resort, which will be launched in December as an exclusive facility for adults.

Reservations and inquiries can be made with Boracay Regency’s Manila office at tel 523-1234 loc 3, or email or visit

Source: Philstar